All available Artworks are for sale. My original paintings are unique and completely handmade and signed by me. I use high quality Highly pigmented Heavy Body Acrylic Paints & Acrylic Spray Paints for my paintings. I paint up to three color layers, so the colors get its vibrant look. It takes me about 1 week or more to complete just one painting. The process is very elaborate to get this clean and digital look. For me it’s important to get “perfect” hard edges, so I paint slowly to avoid brushstrokes. The colors are very durable due to their high quality and don´t fade out. You should only make sure that your painting is safe from direct sunlight, increased air humidity & tobacco smoke. I stretch the canvas by myself and prime it up to three times! The Material vary by the idea I have. Sometimes I use pre-primed 100% Cottoncanvas, raw & natural 100 % Cottoncanvas or 100 % raw and natural Linencanvas. The process before I paint is also already elaborate and it´s very important to me to be able to offer a high-quality product. I just want to make sure, that my paintings have a special value to me and the process of every Artwork will be kept forever in my mind. If you would like an Artwork with a depth of max. 2,5cm to be framed, please let me know. The extra costs vary depending on the size. All frames are completely handmade. Waiting time for a customized frame is about 3-5 weeks. 

© Legal 

Please mind that unauthorized copies of the Artworks for private or commercial use are illegitimate and not allowed. Even when you purchase an original painting, you are not allowed to make NFT´s or any copies of it, no matter if private or commercial.

© All creations are protected property of Laura Theresia Köhler


Yes, I ship worldwide! 

Depending on the size of the artwork and destination, shipping fees vary. I recommend to ship the stretched painting in a customized wooden box, to receive the painting in a perfect condition. Please ask for the extra shipping quote when you decide to purchase a painting. I also offer the option to send the unstretched canvas rolled in a tube. The costs are lower, but please be conscious, that you have to organize stretching the canvas by yourself.

National and international orders are shipped via DHL or UPS. I will provide you with a tracking number after shipping. I’m not responsible for loss, stolen or damages caused by shipping carrier. All paintings are shipped with an additional insurance. The declared value will be refunded by shipping carrier in worst case. It is important to document the receipt of the consignment directly with photos, should there be any complaints.


The prices are quoted in Euros. I´ll draft you an invoice once you decide to buy a painting. My preferred payment is the bank transfer. The shipment will be arranged directly after I received the payment. My prices are net prices within the EU. The Value Added Tax may vary from about 5% to 10%, depending country. An export outside the EU is absolute no problem, but the buyer is responsible for paying any customs duties or charges imposed by law. 

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