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Featured by Abstracto Gallery

  • Nov 27, 2020
  • Spain
  • Aug 01, 2021

Abstracto Gallery is a digital platform which highlights the work of abstract artists from around the world. Yinka Olumomi, the founder of the Onlineartgallery included me on this page. In a short interview about me you can find out what creativity means to me and how the quarantine affected my creative process.

Some Q&As:

Which is your favorite art movement? Expressionism.

Most inspiring place you’ve visited? Australia.

What do you listen to when creating? Jazz, Ambient, 20´s, 50´s & 60´s.

How do you decide which colours you’ll use for each piece? In addition to my intuitive sense of colorcombinations, I sometimes use color snippets for preparation.

How has your art evolved over the past 3 years? A lot of training and experimenting in colors & shapes.

Three tips for those who want to become professional artists? Stop doubting, start creating & make decisions. Maintain your network. Persevere even with negative criticism.

How do you get through a creative block? I‘m in tune with my feelings and stay disciplined during the creative process even if something doesn’t work out.

Creativity is… An ability to produce something new & helps to find success in failure.

An art medium you´d like to try. Oil paints.

What’s your favourite quote to live by? “The painter discharges his emotions by painting.” – Henri Matisse